Our tutors are highly trained to tailor instruction based on diagnostic results. We work with the students to determine their strengths and weaknesses in reading and create an individualized plan to accelerate their learning. Reading is an integral part of all subject areas and lays the foundation for learning. We want our students to feel successful in all areas of literacy and help them maximize their potential. Students are successful because our tutors use research-based, systematic approaches to guide their teaching and ensure success.

Possible areas of concentration: 

Phonics – This is one of the main building blocks in learning to read. Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds.

Reading Comprehension –  We read to understand. It is our job to work with students and use proven comprehension strategies to facilitate their understanding of the text.

Fluency – The ability to read accurately, quickly and with expression is the definition of fluency. Our tutors use a interactive approach to improve fluency. When a student’s fluency improves, we also see their concentration and work completion improve.

Vocabulary – Throughout grades K-12, students are taught many new words to expand their vocabulary. Vocabulary is an integral building block for reading comprehension.

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