ACT & SAT Exam Prep

In order to be successful on the WRITING portion of the ACT and SAT you must

  • Understand the differences between the style/content of the prompt on each test 
  • Practice prioritizing and budgeting time according to the varying requirements and time constraints (50 mins SAT vs 40 mins ACT)

In order to be successful on the READING portion of the ACT and SAT you must

  • Ascertain what test-taking strategy is the best for you given time constraints and your natural reading speed/comprehension
  • Understand what types of incorrect answers to expect
  • Familiarize yourself with the main types of questions you will encounter: Big Picture/Main Idea, Supporting details, Inference, Vocabulary in Context, Author Method

In order to be successful on the ENGLISH/LANGUAGE portion of the ACT and SAT you must

  • Be able to identify and correct errors pertaining to the following skills: 
    • Parts of speech, run-on sentences and fragments, punctuation (commas, semicolons, apostrophes), subject-verb agreement, verb tenses and forms, pronoun agreement and case, idioms, misplaced and dangling modifiers, parallel structure, relative pronouns,  and adjectives vs adverbs 
  • Make assessments regarding the following rhetorical elements:
    • Transitions; wordiness, redundancy, and relevance;  addition and deletion of information; author technique and intent; organization of information within paragraphs and passages; word choice, diction, and syntax; and formality of language.

We offer

  • Guided practice with an experienced tutor
  • Review of results of practice exams or previous exams
  • Lessons in each of the English/Language concepts 
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