Brooke Roche

I’ve always known I wanted to work with children.  As a child, I grew up thinking that being a teacher would be the best job ever!  When I enrolled in college at the University of Kansas I was began as an elementary education major. One summer I began working with children on the autism spectrum. After working with these spectacular kids I changed direction and decided to become a behavioral therapist.  I was a private consultant to parents and school districts and helped write behavioral and educational programs for children with autism.  After doing this for a few years I decided to go back and get my teaching certificate.  I then did both, working with kids privately and teaching elementary school. Once I started my own family I decided to return to behavioral therapy full time and work one on one with students.  I truly love the one on one connections that can be made between teacher and student. Once my last student “aged out” I wondered what would be my next way to teach without going back into full time teaching. Enter TutorOnUp! 

I am so excited to be tutoring and working one on one with kids again!  I am happiest when I am helping a student see their full potential. When I am with a student I am there for them.  I am there to help them understand concepts and topics on a deeper level. Helping kids learn is what makes me happy and I am so excited to be tutoring with TutorOnUp!  

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